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If you don’t feel safe enough in your home and you worry about your family, then Cheetah Locksmith Services can help you ease your mind. We have a wide variety of door locks that ranger from traditional to high tech locks that are keyless and are much more reliable than old school keypad locks that anyone could just pick it. Cheetah Locksmith Services ensures our customers that we take every precaution to make sure that we don’t worsen the situation any more. If you want to avail our residential services but has questions, you can visit our website or reach us personally. We are located in St Louis.


Cheetah Locksmith Services offers a wide variety of services be it automotive or commercial services. We aim to please our customers and ensure them that they can trust out our personnel and their work. If you keep on getting locked out of your car, maybe it’s time to make duplicate so you won’t have the same problem anymore. If you need someone to repair your locks, maybe it’s time to change them in a sturdier one. We have a lot of door locks selection and we guide our customers to see what they really need and what they really like to have.


If you are locked out of your office or your business for the third time, don’t panic and think logically. You don’t have to break your windows or try to pin in your locks. Call Cheetah Locksmith Services and we will be there to help you with your problem. We respond quickly as we try to assess you problems and give you what services you may need. We advice our customers to change their type security to not let such problems happen again. We also offer automotive locksmith services such as car key replacement, key fob replacement, and ignition repair and maintenance.

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